About Faye + Florie

My passion for tennis started at an early age.  I learned how to play during summers at a club on the Jersey Shore that had a very strict white clothing policy.

After years of wearing the typically stiff and uncomfortable polyester pleated skirts with the zip-up backs paired with collared polo shirts, I started to test the limits of the rules.

White jean shorts, sleeveless shirts, a pop of color here and there, and because I was a junior player, I got away with it….well, most of it.

However, as an adult and a mother I now not only have to follow the rules but have the responsibility of teaching my children to respect them.. we can still bend, just a little.

Fast way forward through years of tennis atrophy, a career on Wall St, getting married, a move from Brooklyn to the Burbs and a kid, and I was back on the court. Things were, different, to say the least.

My body had taken a beating from pregnancy and years of sitting immobile at a desk for 10 hours a day.  It was, shall we say, slower and a bit more jiggly?  During my return to the court, I joined a wonderful USTA team based out of Sportime Harbor Island and became pregnant with my second child.  Our team advanced far into the postseason and all of a sudden I was almost 7 months pregnant and playing for a chance to go to Nationals.  It was during this time of major body expansion that Faye + Florie was slowly being born.

Stuck with a lot of matches and nothing that fit, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my effortlessly artistic mother and make my own tennis clothes.  After much trial and error, and of course YouTube tutorials, I had taught myself to sew and discovered not only did I have a passion for the game, but also for creating clothing for the court.  Remembering back to my early years, determined to push the boundaries of tennis wear, Faye + Florie was created!

Using sublimation, there are no boundaries anymore. Following the rules no longer has to be boring, bland and blah. Paisley, skulls, plaids and camouflage can now be welcomed into the world of tennis whites while staying edgy in bright colors for indoors and anything-goes club tennis. Made to fit any body type to hug and hold you in all the right places our skirts pay homage to classic tennis styles, while pushing the limits in bold and colorful prints.