Life demands a lot of modern women, but this is your court time.

Pictured: Michelle Esquivel, #1 Women’s Single Pickleball Player and owner of Ultimate Pickleball Academy

Why Faye+Florie?

Woman. Mother. Professional. Student. Wife. Lover… Player. Life demands a lot of modern women, but this is your court time. Faye+Florie epitomizes the timeless, classic tennis silhouette while reimagining what is possible for your court style. Made from lightweight moisture-wicking materials, F+F designs combine a figure-flattering waistband with performance-enhancing freedom of movement. Because you’re here to play.


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Spring 2020

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What women say about our clothing.

Do something you love.

Indulge yourself for one hour.

Life Is Busy

Between running a family, work, and being a mom; it can be nearly impossible to schedule time for you.

Your Happiness Matters

We advocate setting apart time for yourself to help fuel your active time. Fight depression, stress, and time with your time to play.

Time for You

Running a family, organizing schedules, and managing just about everything in between is tough. You deserve time for yourself. Take it.


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